danny, 22, enfp, hella gay, demiromantic, she/her are my pronouns, i love ladies and gay swimming nerds.

idec if marco isn’t that much taller than jean

he still is

and it’s everything to me

whenever you feel down, just imagine marco bodt telling you that he believes in you and that you are going to make it

text caitln about ereri

and then we cry about how devastated eren is going to be if levi dies

it’s one of those nights where i get drunk and get upset about marco


marco was not a pushover, just because he was sweet and people liked him doesn’t mean people walked all over him. the 104th fuckin respected marco okay. which doesn’t scream pushover to me, they respected him because he was a good soldier, he was a good friend, and he took charge when everybody else was too afraid to.

stop writing marco bodt as a pushover 2k14